Про кафедру для іноземних студентів

The Department of Phthisiology&Pulmonology 
Address 18, Iv. Bogun str. Ph. (037525558) 
Chief of the Phthisiology&Pulmonology Department is Prof. L.D.Todoriko, DM 
Department staff: 
Professor- 1 
Associate-Professor -3, 
Senior lecturer-4 
Assistant – Professor –4 
Lab. technicians-2 
The Phthisiology subdivision at the Chair of Faculty Therapy of the Chernivtsy Medical Institute was organized on the base of the Bucovina regional TB Dispenser in 1944. The first head of the subdivision was Associate-Professor B.P. Aleksandrovsky. Then the Chair was positioned by Associate-Professor S.S Ender (1947 - 1961). The research for this period was aimed at improving treatment of the most severe forms of tuberculosis by thyroid hormones. 
The Department of Phthisiology and the regional guidance of National Programme to Combat TB in Bucovina was headed by Professor L.S Klotskova from (1961-1984). Professor LS. Klotskova is considered to be the founder of the school of TB in Bukovina. L.S. Klotskova launched a scientific direction - the study of metabolism in patients treated anti-TB drugs. During her supervision were performed 6 dissertations. 
Thereafter the Department was headed by Professor G.Ya.Butenko. At this time the research was focused on the pathogenesis of tuberculosis and elaboration of TB relapse prevention. 
Subsequently the Chair was positioned by Associate-Professor A.P. Anipko, Associate-Professor V.P Shapovalov, Associate-Professor V.I.Slivka. Direction of the research is focused on the study differential use the immediate proofreaders of imperfect stereotypical tissue reactions to enhance the response to TB medication in an intensive phase of treating pulmonary tuberculosis. 
During this period were performed and defended 3 dissertations. 
Since 2012 the chair a doctoral thesis, 9 candidate thesis and three master's work have been defended. At present 2 cycles of pre-training for practitioners of the discipline "Phthysiology" and "Pulmonology", 8 cycles of thematic advanced training for general practitioners and pulmonologists, a tuberculosis refresher course for TB specialist are at work. 

Mind this
        Student have the opportunity to attend server of distant training "MOODLE" for successful passing the license examination Step 2 just in the department of Phthisiology and Pulmonology.
Кафедра фтизіатрії та пульмонології (Підрозділ БДМУ, Чернівці),
27 серп. 2014 р., 08:38
Кафедра фтизіатрії та пульмонології (Підрозділ БДМУ, Чернівці),
27 серп. 2014 р., 08:39
Кафедра фтизіатрії та пульмонології (Підрозділ БДМУ, Чернівці),
27 серп. 2014 р., 08:38